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Learn how to navigate in the Web3 like a boss and contributes to this major change

A new revolution is on the way:

the Web3 revolution!

But women are underrepresented in the web3 world. If some of us missed the turning point of web2, don’t miss these new opportunities!

Yet, between Crypto, NFT and metaverse, we are quickly lost.That's why Crypto Badies was founded.

🔥 Reveal your inner web3 goddess


Your sisterhood to deep dive into the Web3

Mission and Perks



  • Talks
  • 1to1 mentorship sessions
  • Library of knowledge



  • Project Launchpad
  • Raise your voice and vote
  • Contribute to what matters



  • Gather with your sisters during party & holidays
  • Wear cool stuff together
  • NFT dropped to your wallet

Be part of something

bigger and powerful!
50% of our revenue will be reinvested to empower and support women/non-binary projects within Crypto Badies community.

All Badies eager to build this sisterhood are welcome

No matter your 9-5 , no matter where you live we’ll always open our arms.

You are now one click away from being a Web3 Queen

The Roadmap

Stage 1

November 2022

Launching of the Kali cohort (46 PFP).A 4 days program with:

  • Talks with web3 founders (Dottyland, Woody3, Art from the Future, Showtime and many more…)
  • Access to picked and curated content
  • 1to1 and mentorship session
  • Private chat group

Stage 2

January 2023

Launching of the Witch cohort (46 PFP)

Opening of our Merch Store

Stage 3

March 2023

Launching of the MEDUSA cohort (46 PFP)

Launchpad for projects

Stage 4

May 2023

Launching of the Yokai cohort (46 PFP)

Stage 5

May 2023

Launching of the Vampire cohort (46 PFP)

Stage 6

June 2023

Launching of the Ghost cohort (46 PFP)

Stage 7

September 2023


More to come!